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How To Remain Sane in An Insane World
COVID-19 support groups

Training for public & mental health practitioners

The Psychology of COVID-19 Training Series

Training for public & professionals about staying sane in insane times

Would you like to know how COVID-19 affects our mental health and our relationships? Would you like to learn how you could live a meaningful and satisfying life despite the pandemic and quarantine? Would you like to develop psychological and psychotherapeutic tools to work with clients? In these four evenings, we will share the latest cutting-edge research findings on the psychology of COVID-19, and we will explore together what this could mean for ourselves and for our therapeutic practice. Each event consists of a lecture, a discussion and exercises. CPD certificates of attendance will be provided. The sessions will be led by Dr Joel Vos PhD MSc MA CPsychol FHEA, psychologist, philosopher, lecturer, researcher and existential therapist.



Tue 19 May 7-9.30pm The Psychology of Pandemics: the research

Tue 26 May 7-9.30pm How to self-isolate without getting insane: the practice

Tue 2 June 7-9.30pm Finding meaning in times of crisis: the experience

Tue 2 June 7-9.30pm Surviving the COVID-19 Zombie Society: the politics



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Price: £20/workshop or £55/four workshops

Before the event, you will get a link to a Zoom meeting.


Corono Worries?

Quarantine your body, not your Mind! 

Weekly Meetings on Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm

Does COVID-19 keep you awake at night? Are you worried what could happen to you and your loved ones? Are you frustrated how others respond to the Corona-virus? Are you feeling alone due to self-isolation? Well, you are not alone! We are in this all together!

Join the free MentalHealth4All support groups on Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm. We will have a brief introduction by an expert on COVID-19, followed by a group discussion. In the second part of the meeting, we will break out in small groups, and share our experiences with each other. Because together we can stay strong, support and inspire each other!



Price: donation

Before the event, you will get a link to a Zoom meeting.



Free discussion & peer support groups online & Face2Face

Welcome To MentalHealth4All

How to remain sane in our insane world!

We live in insane times! People need to isolate themselves because of the Corona virus. The climate is changing. Governments become more harder and more authoritarian in their policies. Society is becoming more unequal, with more people struggling to survive, while those at the top seem to be able to get away with almost anything. Racism and bigotry seem to affect more and more individuals. In these insane times, it is totally normal to feel that you are sometimes losing it. All of us are under pressure. All of us struggle.  

MentalHealth4All seeks to create a safe space for everyone to slip past the labels and boxes that society has placed us in, to come together in solidarity, and share worries or hopes about the future for the society we live in. In our meetings, we can share any thoughts and feelings, whether they are related to what is going on in society or not. The main aim is to organise a space where everyone can voice themselves -or be silent and listen-, be actively heard and understood with empathy, and feel supported by each other. Because we believe in the power of coming together, to break the isolation, and stay sane together in our insane world!

What Are our Events About?

Part I. Brief lecture

In the first 15 minutes of our events, an expert will give a brief introduction about the topic of the event. For example, a psychologist could speak how the Coronavirus can impact our emotions, and how we could cope with our worries. Or an economists talks about the financial crisis and what this could mean for us personally.


The brief lecture and discussion helps group members to learn about topics that can be meaningful and helpful for daily life. Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions! If you want to get involved in the organisation of the evenings, please let us know!

Part II. Discussion

We will have a discussion of 45 minutes about the introduction by the expert. People in the group could ask their questions or share their thoughts. The organisers could also ask some questions for the group members to discuss with each other.

We are Not Alone

Being listened to, and listen to each others' stories can be very powerful! You can realise that you are not the only person who sometimes struggles with daily life. We can authentically connect with each other, form friendships, and build a community together. When we are together, we often feel stronger, and we can develop plans how to improve our daily life, or how to help others.

Part III. Peer support

During the last 60 minutes of the event, we will split up in small groups of 3 to 8 individuals. Individuals can share any thoughts or feelings that are keeping them occupied at this moment. This could be about the theme of this event, but this could also be unrelated. Others in the small group listen and support each other. One person will facilitate this peer support.

A Safe space For Everyone

These events are open for anyone. We love it when people from different countries and with different backgrounds can share their thoughts and feelings with each other, and support each other. We are all part of the same world, and we are all often struggling with very similar problems. Our groups often have many students, psychology students, political activists, nurses, mental health service users, people working from home, manual labourers, parents, etc. To keep the space open and safe for everyone, we ask people to follow some simple common sense rules (see the tab called 'safe space').

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